DeSoto Support

November 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Linda Waller, Instructional Aide, Southwest Dallas AFT member

Linda Waller: My name is Linda Waller. I am an Instructional Aide at DeSoto ISD. I am a proud member of Southwest Dallas AFT.

At DeSoto ISD, Southwest Dallas AFT members spoke at a board meeting, fought for COVID-19 paid leave days and won.

Listen to Ms. Waller at DeSoto ISD's September meeting.

I would like to keep myself on the old granddaughter, my five year old grandson and their parents safe. It would break my heart if they contract COVID. I have been testing at various sites to keep myself and my family members at home as safe as possible. Luckily, I have tested negative. But my fear is if I test positive, I have to use my personal days. How is this fair? I ask that you support us and allow us to have COVID paid leave when we test positive or required to quarantine so we can have time to recover without penalty. I urge you to keep the children and ourselves safe. I am proud to be a DeSoto eagle. Thank you for your time.

Linda Waller: I urge you Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees to vote and adopt a resolution to provide 10 days of COVID paid leave for all of Duncanville ISD employees. As employees of the district, they are in constant contact with students and teachers. They can't afford to use their own days.

Linda Waller: With help and support from you with this urgent matter - they can make it. At DeSoto ISD, we fought and we won. This is real. Please support them. They need your help.

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