Susan Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Susan, on Hanson Lane

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Susan: Hi, my name is Sue. And uh, we bought the uh, battery from Solar tech, we got Solar tech because they actually would install a battery, even though our solar system was not installed by them, in fact it was installed, we had two sections that were installed by different companies. So they actually agreed to do it. Nobody else would. That was the first thing. But we have been really happy with their customer service ever since. Um, they're very good. The, the battery we used is a local one that was made in a way and they're very good about calling us if they have to do an update. So we're really, really happy with it. We did not get the, the Tesla wall, we end up with the other one and we actually like it, I think a lot better. Um, they also Solar tech saved us a bunch of money. The fan in the inverter of our first set of solar panels was really old and when it, um, when it gave it up and then the inverter kept shutting itself off because it kept getting too hot. So I ended up calling solar tech to come and fix it because the company that installed our first panels doesn't even exist anymore. And the Solar tech um, person came out and informed us that there was an extra inverter inside of our battery. So that saved us a few $1000. We did not have to buy a new inverter, they just rewired it into the one that's inside the, uh, the battery itself. So we've been really, really happy. And the other thing that happened was between when we signed the contract and when it worked well after we signed the contract and we had it all installed, we were supposed to get a big rebate from the state and that was in september and then in october, whatever commission it was decided to stop the rebates unless you were under a certain amount of income. And we missed it by just a few $1000. And uh, solar tech immediately called us and said, we're really sorry. Oh, they backdated it to august, that was the problem. They decided this in october and they backdated it to august and we got caught in that months in between and solar tech did everything. I mean they actually said they would uninstall it for us if we didn't want to do it anymore, but we really like our battery because SDG and e shut off our power frequently when the winds are blowing and we have a well and without the, well, um, we, you know, we have no water. So when they shut off our electricity, we had no water, which is why we ended up getting the battery. But back to the problem. So solar text date on it, they found another rebate for us. They've been really helpful. They did all the paperwork on it. So yeah, what I recommend these guys. Absolutely, they've done a really good job for us and we're really, really happy with the work and I hope that's what you need to know. But yeah, they're cool. We like them, so go for it. Thanks.

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