Ryan Green for LA Fitness

March 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan Green

How was your experience working out with us? Would you recommend us to your friends and neighbors?

Ryan Green: Hey, I just finished my workout and I just want to give a testimonial for my favorite gym. Um, people ask me, you know, at my age, I'm, I'm in somewhat good shape and I give all the credit to L A Fitness again. My favorite Jim come here and I get a good workout and I love their pool. Don't get in there as often as much, but I love the sauna as well and try to get into that when I can. Um, and I play racquetball and if any of my neighbors or friends want to play, I'm looking for people to play with. I don't have enough people to play with. So, uh, if any of my friends see this, make sure, make sure you sign up with L A Fitness. Love it. My favorite gym, I've been going to gyms forever and uh they got the best equipment they're close to home and if I ever travel there's always one close by so I can't give high, high enough recommendation uh, than L A Fitness. Alright. Thanks L A Fitness.

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