Barry Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Barry, Your Neighbor on Hilmer Drive

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Barry: Yeah. Hi, I live in La Mesa and uh, we had a solar system put in by solar tech and I had a delicate roof here and I was really concerned about before we did it. So I interviewed five different companies as to what they would do to put the system on the roof without damage to the roof. And also about the output of the system and how good it was going to be, how effective and in all categories they did an excellent job and they were much easier to talk to than some companies that kind of, I didn't quite trust as to what they're gonna do with my roof and other things. So it was a kind of a delicate job as you can see here, they inserted in the roof. I have a tile roof. They put a vapor barrier underneath it, remove the tile, put a vapor barrier and uh, hasn't leaked a drop after this rain we've had. And the output on the kilowatts is taking care of my knees. They hit it right on. We talked to Gino there. He was very informative about what was needed and it's been spot on. We've been in the negative here since june when it was installed. So I anticipate on the trip comes, it's pretty much a break even so we hit it right on with 18 panels and I do have a swimming pool and a spot very happy with her work. Very professional, highly recommend them. All right. Thank you

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