Michael Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Michael, on Yukon Street

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Michael: Hi, my name is Mike and I'm a retired construction project manager. So when it came time to add solar to my house, I interviewed three different companies. Solar tech was the winning company. Although if you asked my wife, they didn't win because they had to work under my scrutiny. But we got along just great. In fact, I had a roof done, painting done and solar all at the same time, Solar tech not only worked well with the other contractors, but they, they impressed me with from the start, their communication skills being here always on time when they said they were going to be here. Um their professionalism, they were neat and the reason that I chose not to shoot this outside where my solar panels are is because you can't really see them. They did such a good job. Uh they put my components uh uh in the garage. Um I still have people coming up asking me for solar because they can't even tell that I have it. Uh it operates great. Uh and I wouldn't hesitate to refer them. In fact, I have referred them to a few friends who are currently installing them um and I couldn't see be any more happy with the job that solar tech did

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