Marshall Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Marshall, on Alpine Heights Lane

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Marshall: See my solar panels behind me. Got him about five years ago, they're paid for now. And uh, it saves me, I don't have a bill. It saves me all kinds of money. So, uh, I had Solar tech put those on, you see that. And then after that I got a battery and the battery is now saving me the money by the, through the peak hours between four and nine o'clock. The battery charges up all day long. And uh, and then it discharges between four and 9. And that saves me a bunch of money, so called solar tech and they'll save you some money. There's a little bit of outlay at the beginning, but over time you'll have your own system and you'll make uh, you make it all back. So be smart about it or you can pack it down to SAN Diego gas and electric. So there's my batteries right there. See those? I don't know if you can see him. Those are there. Oh, Neo Volta batteries and sorry, those are things. We're saving me money anyway. Give Solar tech a call. All right.

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