Mark Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Mark, on Van Dyke Ave

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Mark: Hi, my name is Mark. I'm an electrical engineer and here is my solar tech battery setup. It was a pretty easy installation. They followed everything that I had specified in being an electrical engineer. I was pretty picky about it. But as you can see, it's a really neat installation. My main reason for getting this thing was for reliability. Um I just didn't want to be without electricity when in this neighborhood we have outages every few months. So yes, it saves, saves money. But when the rest of the neighborhood is black, my microwave is still working. The Tv works. The network is going, computers are working. So I just wanted a house that is just gonna keep running whatever happens out there. So again. Um, here it is and uh I'm really happy with it. Also, whenever I had questions, I was able to get answers within an hour um about how it was working and what was going on. So there's my installation.

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