Joseph Solar Tech Testimonial

March 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Joseph, on Gable Ridge Road

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Joseph: Good morning. My name is chris and I've been asked to talk for a minute or so about my experience with silver tech battery installation. So there it is on the side of my house. We got it about two years ago and the installation took about a day, um, would have taken half a day except for having to wait for the city electrical inspectors to come and check the work. Um We also got a upgrade to our electrical panel, which does increase the cost, But I'm really glad we did it because um, this house is 35 years old and it's the original electrical and I'm planning on getting a car, electric car here at some point. And with this upgrade, I'll be able to use the high speed charger and working with my array and my battery get off the grid for gasoline too. Um like I said, it's totally hands free. No maintenance, no work. They monitor it at the company. Um, I have a phone number I can call when I have questions, which I've had once or twice. They called me when they needed to do a firmware upgrade, which I don't think I would have known they were doing it if they hadn't called me, but uh worked fine like everything I was told about the battery has turned out to be true. Um It largely charges up at night. Uh We use electricity through the day on the array um and it stays charged most of the time. Uh We haven't had a loss of electrical event in the two years we've owned it. So I can't tell you what happens if the grid goes down, but it's all set to go. Uh It has a app that goes on the phone that allows you to monitor it and gives you a huge amount of information about how much electricity you're generating, when you're generating it, how you're using it. Um I'm a trained engineer, so I am interested in that sort of stuff, but you don't have to monitor it. Um It does allow you to learn things about your house though, like how, what things are using a lot of electricity. And we had some surprises. Um like the big screen Tv uses a lot of electricity, which I guess I should have known, but I didn't, but anyway, um very happy. Uh it will uh will easily pay for itself over time. Um we're seeing significant savings in our electric bill basically most of the year. We just pay the hook up because our we've got three adults in this house, but with 23 panels on the roof, we make more electricity than than we need. So hope that helps. Goodbye.

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