Nicholas Stokes for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nicholas Stokes

Could you describe a time that TechTual Consulting helped you?

Nicholas Stokes: I discovered Henry on his Youtube page and realized how knowledgeable he was about to feel and passionate about helping people like myself get into cybersecurity. So I decided to reach out for his expertise and use his services and I can gladly say that it helped me gain my first position in cybersecurity. After applying for seven months after using his services, it took me roughly around a month to gain my first GRC position, and I'm very thankful for that. So definitely go to his page and use his services if you're trying to get into cybersecurity.

How would you describe TechTual Consulting in three words?

Nicholas Stokes: The three words I would use would be knowledgeable and passionate and realistic.

Why is TechTual Consulting different from other similar products or services?

Nicholas Stokes: I would say there are more realistic due to Henry actually taking the time to review your resume, asking you what avenue and cybersecurity that you wanted to take. And also, he was willing to help me to gain more skills for G. R. C. In order to prepare me for those type of positions.

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