Jason Terrelonge for Customer Testimonial Videos

December 12, 2022

Jason comes from a background of physical therapy. While working with me, he landed his first cybersecurity position as a SOC analyst.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason Terrelonge

Could you describe a time that TechTual Consulting helped you?

Jason Terrelonge: So I met HD just by looking at his Youtube channel and also following number one, his multiple platforms especially linkedin, and I reached out to him for consultation for interview that I had coming up in through his advice and his experience. I think that's what helped me land that position. I'm currently working in that position now. It's been about three weeks and it's been a smooth transition Because I came from a different career and just getting into cybersecurity. What 656 months ago? I think H. D. has helped me a lot just to make that smooth transition.

How would you describe TechTual Consulting in three words?

Jason Terrelonge: So in three words describe textual chatters consultation experience, basically personal. Um he was able to really relate to me on a deeper level. I feel like we were able to not only talk about tech but also talk about real life stuff, so just having a personal connection, I think it's especially when you just meet someone online and they're giving you advice how to get into a career. Um The next thing is of course he's professional was able to get on the call um because it would be timely. He is a person that communicates very well via emails and he follow ups on everything he tells you he's gonna follow up on and actionable. Last thing is actionable because he gives you actionable steps to get into tech, not just saying, hey, study this or study that, but actual actionable steps to make you a more valuable or more respectable candidate when you're interviewing with employers.

Why is TechTual Consulting different from other similar products or services?

Jason Terrelonge: No, So HD one thing that really separated him from the competition was his ability to be very personable and look at my strengths and weaknesses, but like a lot of other companies have a cookie cutter approach where he was able to pinpoint with things I needed to work on. One thing is that I was already good at by doing so, he suggested to work on certain labs. Those labs are very important because that's what really made me marketable to become a cybersecurity professional.

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