HPE Aruba Reviews TechAccelerator - Challenges Overcome

March 28, 2023

TechAccelerator is used by HPE Aruba marketing, sales, training. TechAccelerator provides hands-on labs and test drives for their clients.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Shane Kindt

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome when you chose to partner with TechAccelerator ?

Shane Kindt: Hi there. My name is Shane Kindt. I'm a senior technical marketing engineer for HPE Aruba Networking. I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with TechAccelerator. We are a very established partner with them. We use our platform every day and actually we conduct dozens and dozens of workshops and training events every single month using their platform. So we needed to get our technology and features in the hands of our customers as efficiently as possible. And using the TechAccelerator platform gives us the opportunity to do just that. So whether it's a single workshop, whether it is a full event or even a product demonstration to help close a sales opportunity, the TechAccelerator lab environment gives us the ability to do all of those things really. So I don't think I can share exact revenue numbers with you, but I can say that the ROI from our investment into TechAccelerator to our bottom line is is quite substantial. So the other thing I would like to share is that their attention to detail and the professionalism and just the overall experience in general working with TechAccelerator and the entire team there is is second to none, whether it's a simple little update all the way to a full blown lab rebuild. They're always just super enthusiastic and excited to help out. It truly is a a very good relationship and, and an amazing team to work with. So because of those reasons, I personally am looking forward to a long and prosperous future together and highly recommend the TechAccelerator platform.

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