Testimonial | Darcie Feld, HR Manager

January 28, 2022

Learn how TeamSense helped Sloan Valve Company streamline their call-out process.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Darcie Feld, HR Manager

How has TeamSense helped your organization?

Darcie Feld: I am Darcie Feld with Sloan Valve Company; I'm an HR manager. And we used TeamSense at the time that the whole world was figuring out how to track COVID absences coming into the workplace. So we have partnered with TeamSense to create a wonderful tool that employees could fill out a survey - at home, in bed, on the way to work, at work, in the parking lot - in order to enter the building. And this was all digital - we did not have to fill out any paperwork anymore. Very confidential and it worked just really streamlined with TeamSense. They were open to all of our ideas and all of our needs and very responsive. So that is how TeamSense helped us. Um I would say my favorite tool is

What is your favorite TeamSense feature?

Darcie Feld: My favorite tool is the fact that you can text in your absences, your COVID alert status and those go to the right people, such as your supervisor and Human Resources team. So I think the idea of texting and everything digital is the new world as we know. So I do believe that this is my favorite tool by far I've seen to create just a streamlined, again confidential, you know, to the point, very easy to use from a user standpoint. So I would say, you know, overall the texting feature is my favorite.

What do your employees like about TeamSense?

Darcie Feld: It worked really well with our employees. We had really great feedback that they no longer have to call our absence line to create an absence, such as you know, a sick leave or any type of bereavement, all the way to COVID absence. They could just text in and communicate to the company that way. And of course HR would have access to that information to call back the employee to see what's going on. So um a lot of good feedback from the employees that they think this is very easy to use, a lot better than our old process. So TeamSense did a really great job in helping us create such a wonderful tool for company use, employee use, and HR use. I would highly suggest TeamSense at any point. If you are wondering where to go and who to work with on creating some type of streamlining to your absences or your COVID, you know, your COVID- related absences that you have to track for your business. Great team, Alison's great, Support Team is great; highly suggest using them. Thank you so much!

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