Jaw Surgery Recovery @ TASL Testimonial Video

February 24, 2023

TASL provides a comprehensive outpatient Jaw Surgery Recovery Program for pre and post Jaw Surgery Patients that includes myofunctional therapy, LLLT, Craniosacral, Chewing and Swallowing Recovery

Video Transcript

What was your experience with TASL's Jaw Surgery Recovery Program?


I had double jaw surgery in November and can't thank Tina Alizah with TASL enough. She was highly recommended by Dr. Alfi prior to my having surgery and she worked with me to get me prepared for the procedure. She answered my questions, she put me at ease and it has been such a blessing working with her after my surgery, we've been able to get a lot of the swelling down. She knows her stuff and I've learned a lot working with her and I can't recommend her enough. My husband will actually have double jaw surgery next year and I'm insisting that he see Tina. I recommend you do as well. Thanks.

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