Andrea Vucetich for Employee Testimonials

August 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Vucetich, Senior Product Manager

How did you find your way to your current role at SymphonyAI Sensa?

Andrea Vucetich: I am a senior product manager here at SANSA. My passion has always been tech, and in particular in the last couple of years, I really delved into machine learning and data science. I really enjoyed how these um advances are really changing so many industries and uh, I have to say um a sense in particular, the match is really, really strong, so machine learning is really delivering a step change compared to the systems that banks and financial institutions already have out there. And because of that, I find this role so enjoyable.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at SymphonyAI Sensa?

Andrea Vucetich: My favorite parts about my role here at SANSA would definitely be the freedom that I have to experiment with new best practices and trying out new things when, as a product manager, for example, handling sprints, writing specifications, trying new market discovery techniques and so forth and so on, interacting both with the engineering, the more technical and the more marketing and sales oriented departments. And still on that note, I would say it's definitely a pleasure to work with many people in those um departments because the level is really high and so I get to learn so much from them from their expertise of their specific area.

What stands out to you about the culture at SymphonyAI Sensa?

Andrea Vucetich: in terms of culture, I would say definitely people are friendly and supportive here here at SANSA. That's very important, especially when you start when I was taking my first steps in this role. I felt welcomed and supported by my colleagues in the various departments that I have to interact with at the same time, I want to say there is a culture of excellence for what everyone does. So the level to which we hold each other accountable I think is really quite high. Um the caliber of the people is really quite high. So I love the fact that I can work with these people and learn so much from them from their expertise. Um I work in product management. So the satisfaction for me at the end of the day is building a product that is the absolute best that we together with the engineering and the science team could come up with. So and really seeing the users delighted by the experience that we built for them. So I can definitely say we've had many satisfactions from that point of view.

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