Vijay Raghavendra for Employee Testimonials

October 20, 2022

Welcome NetReveal!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vijay Raghavendra, CTO, SymphonyAI

What is your name, what do you do at SymphonyAI and why did you join SymphonyAI?

Vijay Raghavendra: Hi, my name is Vijay Raghavendra. I'm the Chief Technology Officer at SymphonyAI. I'm based in our offices in Palo Alto California. I joined SymphonyAI in November of last year and there were two primary reasons why I joined Symphony. One, the people. Throughout my career I've always bet on people more than any specific technology. When I was evaluating this opportunity at SymphonyAI I walked away super impressed with the talent the openness the willingness to collaborate and the breadth and depth of the business, product engineering experience that I saw across all the people that I met starting with our chairman and founder Romesh. Now that I'm here I find that I'm constantly learning from my colleagues every single day and that's a huge win in my book. The second reason was really the potential to leverage this incredible power of AI and machine learning to drive a step function value for our customers. I've been working with data and machine learning at massive scale since my days at Paypal, when I led the risk and compliance teams there and I've experienced first time since then at various places, what this can enable for different businesses and different customers. It's also true that a fairly large number of enterprise AI initiatives fail. And my second motivation for coming here was if we can help bend that curve for enterprises, and help them unlock meaningful measurable value as a result of using the products that we built, then for me again, that was time really well spent, and was a worthwhile endeavor.

How would you describe the culture of SymphonyAI?

Vijay Raghavendra: I would describe our culture in the following way. First and foremost, we are customer and business outcomes focused. As Sanjay keeps reiterating in order for us to drive the customer and business value. We have to be focused on product, product innovation and delivery. And that is a big part of the culture we have here at SymphonyAI. We move fast. We are egalitarian. We are direct. We respectfully debate, disagree if needed, but commit and move forward.

What is one piece of advice to give to our future NetReveal colleagues?

Vijay Raghavendra: I'll relay a simple but effective piece of advice I received during the transition after my last company got acquired. Please don't be shy about reaching out, making connections with the rest of the teams here at SymphonyAI and asking for help when you need it. We are here to help and support you. If something doesn't make sense, and can be done in a better way, please speak up and ask. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and working with you. Welcome to SymphonyAI.

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