Jake Ramirez for Employee Testimonials

October 20, 2022

Welcome NetReveal!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jake Ramirez, Account Executive, SymphonyMedia

What is your name, what do you do at SymphonyAI and why did you join SymphonyAI?

Jake Ramirez: Hi, I'm Jake Ramirez and I'm an Account Executive with the SymphonyAI Media team. I'm based in Los Angeles, and what I do is I work with the Digital team to align our SAS solutions with prospective and existing media customers.

How would you describe the culture of SymphonyAI?

Jake Ramirez: How would I describe the culture of SymphonyAI? I was really impressed with the talent and vision of the Symphony management and the company as a whole. Although I've only been with the company for three months, I found that all my fellow co-workers are really driven to our common goals. Although I'm based in LA, I've had the opportunity and benefit to visit our Denver office and to meet and spend face to face time with many of my co-workers in a location based office, which is really an anomaly these days. But apart from that, the communication and an efficient virtual workplace are really critical, and you'll find that Symphony employees are really friendly are extremely open and collaborative. I was also fortunate to visit at a time when we had a company outing at Top Golf which is really an example that speaks to the company's commitment to team building and importance of wellness and life balance, which you really see in different programs that are available online in different apps. So overall I really enjoy not only the people I work with, but broadly the culture of the organization is extremely encouraging and really friendly and I think you'll find the same.

What is one piece of advice to give to our future NetReveal colleagues?

Jake Ramirez: What is the one piece of advice to give to our future NetReveal colleagues? I would say. Don't be afraid to connect with others by scheduling time at those and the other business units. Each and every employee is accessible and willing at SymphonyAI. I'm sure during any post merger integration there will be some company formal on boarding, meet and greet, but in advance of that I would say don't hesitate to send out a meeting request to me or anyone else at Symphony for a mutual intro and to learn of each other and our roles and businesses. But also I think more importantly we can learn to help each other. My email address is jramirez@symphonymedia.com jramirez@symphonymedia.com jramirez@symphonymedia.com Or you can even call or text me on my mobile number, which is 310-766-4873 Again reach out to me and I look forward to working with you all. Bye bye!

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