Andrew Dixon for Employee Testimonials

October 20, 2022

Welcome NetReveal!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Dixon, Regional VP Sales, SymphonyRetail

What is your name, what do you do at SymphonyAI and why did you join SymphonyAI?

Andrew Dixon: Hi, my name is Andrew Dixon. I work in the commercial team at SymphonyRetail. I joined the business around one year ago, my background is in CPG and retail. Symphony is a business that I've always admired from afar, always been a key competitor of mine in previous organizations, and I was intrigued to have the opportunity to really understand a bit more about AI and how that powers Symphony retail solutions.

How would you describe the culture of SymphonyAI?

Andrew Dixon: The culture of symphony is very collaborative and very inclusive. There's a real spirit of togetherness and working together as a team. In sales, because of the nature of products that we're selling, and the technology, it's impossible to run a sales cycle and to close a deal in isolation and to have the support from pre sales through to the legal team, from finance to data and implementation teams. It's absolutely critical. And you know there is this real desire to win together, and this real desire to win new business, acquire new clients, and to increase the footprint of Symphony across the territory.

What is one piece of advice to give to our future NetReveal colleagues?

Andrew Dixon: One piece of advice that I give to our NetReveal colleagues? Welcome is the first thing I would say, be inquisitive. Symphony has a fantastic set of solutions and is really at the forefront of technology in terms of the AI that powers our solutions and we genuinely are leading in that regard when we when we talk to our customers. So, be inquisitive about what we do, and let's collaborate to see where there may be some mutual opportunities or mutual networks that we can leverage to hopefully mutually grow each other's businesses.

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