Recruitment Team Intro

April 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Omer Ariel, Talent Acquisition Manager. Tracie Collins, Director of Private Duty Nursing Operations

Omer Ariel: Hi. My name is Omer Ariel, and I am working from New York City.

Tracie Collins: Hello. I'm Tracy Collins, Director of Private Duty Nursing Operations. I currently live and work in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is your role at Swift Shift and how long have you been with the team?

Omer Ariel: I've been at the company for almost five months now. I started out as a Nurse Experience Manager, working out of the Pittston office, and now I am a Talent Acquisition Manager, working on all of the hiring and the recruiting processes.

Tracie Collins: My role here at Swift Shift is the Director of Private Duty Nursing Operations. I recently joined the team in February of 2021.

Tell us what gets you excited about being a part of this team. What part of the mission do you align with most?

Omer Ariel: I absolutely love what we do at this company. Um, I really feel that the nurses get the best value out of the different systems and the functions that we put in place. I get the most excited when we are able to staff a case and that the nurses are happy with where they're at and with the shifts that they are able to pick up and just hearing positive feedback all around, is always, really fulfilling.

Tracie Collins: What's most exciting for me and gets me out of bed every day, is talking to clients' families. When you talk to a Mom, a Dad, Aunt, Uncle – whoever it is, and you hear what they need and what their kiddo needs That's what drives me to do what we do every single day is find nurses that can take care of these kiddos and make their lives better.

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