Thanks for applying to SwiftShift

April 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Hi thank you for applying to swift shift Golden Care. We are the only self managed team based home care company in America. About a few years ago, our founder Asaf built a software for home care agencies but soon he discovered the harsh reality of home care, overworked and exploited caregivers and nurses. All these home care agencies and facilities were extremely bureaucratic and we're only focused on making money for themselves and treating caregivers no more than a shift. He decided to change that. He then launched swift shift, a company that's focused on empowering caregivers and nurses and came up with a self managed team model of care. In this model, each caregiver is part of a care team in your local area, so you're not alone by yourself and work together to manage your own hours and your own clients without anyone treating you like a robot who works shift to shift on top of that. Our team is fully supportive of whatever you need to do your job. Well we take care of all the back end operations and we are also your support arm. If you have any questions you reach out to us simply using our mobile lab or just give us a call And we offer the best industry rates seven In incentives for your billable hours, paid time off health benefits for 401K match life and disability insurances and lots more on top of it time to time. We also have bonus programs running for bringing referrals, the people whom you know in your network to join in our mission Each week you will provide care to your client and spend 1-3 hours on teams tasks such as scheduling, planning, team building, compliance etcetera, that you anyway do in your regular day, for which you will be paid in addition to your care ours at your regular payday. So why wait, join us in our mission to change home care in America and be the pioneer And join the 50 plus nurses who are already working hard in Pennsylvania and serving our pediatric home care clients. So take your time, reach out to us and talk to us so that we can get you a client in your local area with your team.

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