Agency letter v.2

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Assaf Shalvi

An Open Letter to Agencies Interested in Becoming a SwiftShift Certified Partner

So, hi. If you're an agency owner that has a small or medium size agency, you should join the SwiftShift network, CMS predicts that by 2040, 80% of the agencies in the market will have negative margins. When a regulator predicts the margins of the businesses it regulates, you know it's not a prediction. They're gonna make sure that by 2040, 80% of the agencies will have negative margins because CMS wants to see the market consolidate. They want to work with less home care agencies that are bigger, that have more skin in the game, that have access to capital markets, that can make investments in innovation, that can help them drive policy in an easier way. With less friction. They want to audit less agencies and they want the payors to have to manage less contracts with providers so that risk management can become a reality. So you know, where does it leave you as a small or medium business owner? You see the requirements are always increasing. Now you have to send your billings to a third party, prices are being reduced. We used to get $2000 for Medicare for an episode. Now the insurance company will pay you $1900 for visits which ends up 80% less than what you used to make. At the same time you have to report more, you have to provide a better service, and you know life is tough, you're making less money and you're thinking what am I gonna do? All of us love the home care market. We understand that home care is local and needs to be local and that the local, the medium and small sized agencies that have been around sometimes for 30, 40 years are of value. And just because they don't have access to the stock exchange or easy way to raise capital, it doesn't mean that they don't have a place in the home healthcare market of the future. SwiftShift is the network that allows you to keep your local brand, your local culture, but at the same time benefit from cutting edge innovation and technology, which is focused on the nurses experience and is way ahead of anything that the big companies can provide their teams and their nurses and their back office staff. You can benefit from more access to capital markets with the largest financial institution on our board as one of our investors. And at the same time keep your local brand, your local logo or your local flavor and your local team. To learn more about this opportunity. Get in touch and we'll tell you how we can work together to bring your medium and small sized agency into the home care market of the 21st century to offer your nurses and caregivers higher rates, more flexibility, more autonomy, a better work life balance and better tools to get the job done. To offer your patients and clients and highly reliable service by nurses and caregivers that come to the workplace with a smile and that feel like they are part of the organization because they are at your agency and they're not at the big brands. Together, we can offer an alternative to the big brands that operate in a very Hilton, United Airlines type of way. None of us want to see home care nursing look like housekeeping at the Hilton or like baggage carrying at United Airlines. And together we can make it happen get in touch and see how you can join the SwiftShift network. We're waiting to hear from you.

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