The Greatest Problem for Home Care Employees

May 20, 2021

Video Transcript

What is the greatest problem for home care employees right now?

What I believe is the biggest problem with home care companies right now is that they believe that they are in the business of delivering home care. But home care agencies are actually in the business of delivering home care support to the nurses and the caregivers that are in the business of delivering home care. Nobody in the home care agency, not the CEO, the COO, the marketing team, the schedulers, the clinical managers –– actually delivers any care or makes anybody feel better. They take care of very important things like payroll, billing, compliance, sales, recruitment and many other things that have nothing to do with making anybody feel better at the end of the day. But the mentality and the thinking that we are delivering home care means that they look at the nurses and caregivers as their employees that work for them in order to deliver the care, which then leads to terminology of recruitment. We are recruiting nurses and the nurses have to come and interview with us and do tests with us and then we will tell the nurses which clients they will service and we will tell the nurses what days they are working and which hours they are working. And we will try to always optimize the utilization of the nurses because they are a resource that we need to deploy in order to make money and deliver the home care. And this attitude is super problematic because it means that the experience for the nurses is not as good as it could be. And so nurses go to work elsewhere and don't come to home care or choose home care only as a second or third job. What we've done with Swift Shift is turn this idea on its head. We understand that we are here to support you the nurses, the caregivers so that you can focus on making your clients healthier and making your clients feel better. We understand that you the nurse is our client and we offer you the nurse, the care team, a platform that supports you in everything that is not related to client care We'll help you find more teammates, we'll help you source referrals and you will choose which clients you want to serve. You will tell us which area you would like to cover. You will manage your own schedule, your own hours, you will communicate with your clients and manage the care with your clients. And we will provide you, through our platform, technology that allows you to schedule, to communicate, to do clinical documentation and everything else that an agency is providing you a license, of course, and compliance and everything else. But unlike a home care agency, Which will take 40 to 50% of the income of the revenues that you generate to cover the agency costs, we only take 30% of the overall revenues for our support. And the bigger our network is, the less we can take from the nurses because our platform can support many, many nurses at the same cost. And so if you want to see home care changing, if you want to see a home care world where nurses and caregivers are at the front, and the center, are viewed as the clients of the home care agencies, where you can get all the support that you need and where you can earn up to 30 and 40% more than anywhere else –– Join Swift Shift.

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