Meet Our Director of HR, Leanne Baxter

April 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leanne Baxter , Director of People, Culture and Reward

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you're working from.

Leanne Baxter : Hi my name is Leanne Baxter. I'm Director of People, Culture, and Reward at Swift Shift, and I'm based in New York C ity.

What is your role at Swift Shift and how long have you been on the team?

Leanne Baxter : I've worked with Swift Shift for two years, overseeing all things HR. At Swift Shift we want to recruit and retain our great people. And while our people are working super hard, we want to take care of them and listen to their needs, offering them free benefits, flexibility in their working hours, and making sure that we're rewarding them with higher than industry pay. And as we grow as a business, we have opportunities for people to grow with us.

What gets you excited about being a part of this team? What part of the mission do you align with most?

Leanne Baxter : I'm really excited to be part of a business that's revolutionizing home healthcare, prioritizing home health care workers to make sure that their work life is the very best it can be so that they can get on with the most important job, taking the very best care of their clients. And I'm also really excited to be working with such incredibly hardworking and inspiring people.

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