Audra Testimonial v.2

August 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Audra Vito, Nurse Team Success Manager , SwiftShift

Audra Vito: Hi, I'm Audra and I have a few roles here at SwiftShift. Currently, I am the Nurse Team Success Manager and I also provide case management, as well as being a shift nurse.

Audra Vito: I found out about the private duty nursing shift position through an Indeed ad and have since become involved with case management and recently added my new position as Nurse Team Success Manager.

Audra Vito: I really enjoyed being part of a team that supports nurse managed care and continuously finds way to support our nurses and clients.

Audra Vito: The culture here SwiftShift is that of a strong team unit that works together to put our nurses first. We pride ourselves on giving our nurses what they need to be successful.

Audra Vito: I'm looking forward to expanding our client base and being able to provide our nurses with more opportunities as well as providing our services to as many children as possible.

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