Kimberly Testimonial

August 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi guys, my name is Kimberly Cote. I am the RN Clinical Manager for SwiftShift Golden Care in Northeastern PA.

I have been in various healthcare management positions and worked in pediatrics before, but this is the first time I find myself in home health. I was referred to this company by a friend who worked with a current client of ours and I was initially drawn to this position and company based solely on the fact that it is a nurse driven and supported platform.

It's amazing that as a nurse you can not only provide the quality of care you've always wanted, but feel supported and valued as well.

This company promotes autonomy for its nurses unlike anything else I've ever seen in any health care setting. You're able to choose your own schedule, choose your own clients, they provide you an iPad and use great programs for charting. It's quick, easy at your fingertips and you get to spend the majority of your time with your patients rather than stuck behind a desk.

There's also opportunities for advancement and growth, which is great.

I feel like the nurses are really empowered and it's been so great being a part of this team. I'm looking forward to expanding our team of nurses and clients even further so that we can learn from each other, grow together and continue delivering care, quality care, to more kids and families that need our help.

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