An Open Letter To Nurses and Caregivers Insta

June 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Assaf Shalvi

An Open Letter To Nurses and Caregivers

Thinking About Joining The Swift Shift Team

Assaf Shalvi: Hi. So, why would you join Swift Shift? If you're a nurse that doesn't want to do a full time hospital or facility work because of the burnout, because of the long hours, because of the inflexibility –– But also don't want to work in home care because of the low rates, the unpredictable schedules and the lack of benefits, the lack of client choice, the solitude and the lack of team setting. Then Swift Shift is exactly for you because we bring in the best of both worlds. We bring in a home care setting where you can work locally and work flexibly and have clients, with meaningful client relationships, and meaningful client journeys from illness to recovery. But you get to choose and work with your own team. You get to choose your clients, you admit and discharge your clients at your will, at your teams will, and you get to be supported with everything that's not related to client care from electronic medical record platform that is built to maximize your clients and minimize your time filling forms. The platform that allows you and your team to manage your schedules flexibly together as a team, to manage your clients, to communicate with the clients, to communicate with each other and to be part of the Swift Shift community that has today hundreds of nurses that deliver home care in this type of self-managed teams set up. Salaries are much better than what you would get in home care. Base rate for an LPN is $28 an hour base rate for an RN is $33 an hour. On top of that you get bonuses for working nights, weekends, for managing clients and for bringing in other team members. And finally as a technology platform, we're constantly improving the tools that we're building to really fit you, the nurse, and to make sure that your time is used to deliver care. Finally, at Swift Shift, we constantly help our nurses train themselves with continuing education units, with opportunities to grow both in the clinical aspects but also in the material aspects, marketing, business development management, organizational –– managing the organization –– because your team is a small organization and we will help you to build this into a successful organization. We give you all the data and support that you need. So to summarize, you're looking for local work with a team that you you select with, the people that you like, with clients that you choose if you want to really be the best, the best nurse that you can be and have a platform that takes away everything else, and takes care of the billing and the payroll and the licensure and the compliance aspects if you don't want to work long hours in a facility, but also don't want to work for a home care company where hours are unpredictable, the rates are low, and there's no real team environment then Swift Shift can really be a home for you. Go into our website, swiftshift.com, click on the jobs, you can find an available client that is ready to go and set up a team and take a client out of the hospital. Or if you don't find something in your area, tell us that you want to open a team, tell us what area you want to cover. Tell us who are the other two or three team members that will help you service the first client and we'll help you set up the service in your area. We are focusing right now on private duty nursing shift work and mostly that means kids, pediatric cases. But we also can support teams that deliver skilled nursing visits and other services. So take a look and, who knows, maybe this is your home for the next few years. Where you can be the best nurse that you can be.

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