How we are growing our PDN business so quickly

June 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Assaf Shalvi

How are we growing the Private Duty Nursing side of our business so quickly?

Assaf Shalvi : I'll answer with a story that happened actually this week. One of the nurses approached me about two weeks ago and said that in a chat message on Swift Shift, all the nurses can chat to all the nurses and everybody on the platform. And the nurse approached me and said, listen, I read in the newspaper about a 6 year old in Williamsport that unfortunately was hit by a car and and suffers from brain damage and needs home care with trach and the family can't find the coverage they needed–– at least an LPN And they don't know what to do. And she said, you know, if Swift Shift is open to it, I can go and take a hotel in Williamsport because that covers an area of Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, Scranton. So I'll drive to Williamsport, I'll take a hotel for a couple of weeks, I'll take the kid and make sure that he is at home. And then I will hire a local care team, help set up a local Swift Shift team, I will train them, onboard them, and then I'll go back to my team in Pittston. And I asked her why would you do it? You know, assuming that of course we pay for the hotel. But you know, why would you leave your own life for two weeks to do something like that? And she said, well, it's a great PR opportunity. We can show what Swift Shift is all about. And this is the answer. How do we grow the private duty nursing business so quickly? We don't, we don't grow it, the nurses grow it because Swift Shift is not managing the home care service. The nurses manage the home care service and the nurses decide which clients they admit, and they decide which clients they discharge. If the client is not somebody they want to work with, they are absolutely 100% able to just tell us, you know, discharge this client, we don't want to work in this house anymore and they decide on their hours and on their schedules and we are there to support them. And so the nurses feel like it's their own business and it's their brand. And so it's their motivation to look for opportunities to build the brand and to expand the brand and to bring in more cases and more nurses. We are now bringing over client with an entire nurse team from one of the large home care companies in the market. And again, this has got nothing to do with me, with the Swift Shift marketing team, or with anybody on the Swift Shift platform. It's all done by the local nurses that have, you know, talked to their friends and said you should come and try it out. You'll make more money. You choose, you manage your own time, you'll choose your clients, you'll get the best technology in your hands that's built for the nurses, not for billing, and not for payroll, and not for compliance but for minimizing the time the nurse needs to sit down and select checkbox and it's working. And the other thing is, so that's one thing is just basically doing nothing and letting the nurses run the business. The second thing is because the nurses decide if they want to admit or discharge the clients, it means that it gets almost no turnover. Talking about an industry where you know, 50, 60% of the nurses leave their job within three or four months after getting a client or case. Because if it doesn't work out with the client, the client stays and the nurse goes, it's the opposite with Swift Shift. If it doesn't work out, the nurses are the team, right, they're staying and the client, come and go and since there's many more clients that need home care services, than nurses to provide the service, it means that the business is constantly growing because the same nurses are able to constantly take new clients. And you know we get on average almost 30 hours per nurse, per week. Which for a home care platform, a home care agency, is very very high. And that I think is another reason that we can help grow the business because the nurses see that you know their business, they get to make the decisions so they are giving us more hours. I think it also helps that we pay the highest rates in the market and that we give full benefits at the cost of Swift Shift because you know that if you want to, if you take care of the nurses, they will take care of you.

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