Supabase - Cloudflare Video Testimonial

August 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Inian Parameshwaran, Engineer, Supabase

Introduce yourself and tell us about your company.

Inian Parameshwaran: Hi, I'm Inian and I am an engineer on the Supabase team. Supabase is the open source Firebase alternative. At the core of our stack is a full-fledged Postgres database, and we offer other services that integrate tightly with Postgres to make it easy to launch your applications.

Why did you start using Cloudflare?

Inian Parameshwaran: We got access to Cloudflare as part of Summer '20 Y Combinator program as one of its perks, and we have been enterprise users of Cloudflare ever since. We initially were just using it as our DNS provider and at Supabase, we create a unique subdomain for each of our customers and Cloudflare was able to handle tens of thousands of these records with ease. It also had reasonably high API rate limits, which was important to us because we are constantly launching new API servers and databases for our customers.

Inian Parameshwaran: All our API traffic right now is proxied through Cloudflare which gives us a good DDoS protection and also prevents malicious bots from scraping our API servers. Our storage product uses Cloudflare CDN.

Inian Parameshwaran: We have also been pretty heavy users of Cloudflare Workers. We use Logflare for logging and observability pipeline, and with a Cloudflare Worker, it was pretty easy to ingest billions of log events into Logflare without setting up a lot of infrastructure or any infrastructure on our side.

What benefits have you seen since using Cloudflare?

Inian Parameshwaran: One of the reasons why our team is able to ship so many new features quickly is because Cloudflare makes it very simple to spin up secure and scalable production-ready servers.

Why do you love Cloudflare?

Inian Parameshwaran: The main reason why I love Cloudflare is its focus on developer experience and how fast they ship new and innovative products.

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