Juggling Life and a Designation: Tips From a Working Parent

March 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Illian, CPCU, AINS, AIS, Learning Manager, Citadel Credit Union

Tip #1: Create a (Flexible) Study Schedule

Beth Illian, CPCU, AINS, AIS: I found having a schedule to be incredibly helpful. When I would sign up for a course I would register for my exam and then work backwards to create a study schedule. Obviously I would also say build in some flex days because you never know when you might have to work late or you are a family member is going to get sick.

Tip #2: Follow a Study Routine

Beth Illian, CPCU, AINS, AIS: Having a study routine. So, I always would study for my courses in the evening after my kids were in bed at the dining room table with a cup of hot tea and usually a stack of pretzels. And that was just a signal to my brain that okay, this is the time to switch off from the day and to study.

Tip #3: Use Your Study Resources

Beth Illian, CPCU, AINS, AIS: I also used all the resources provided. So, I would study the content, I would take the practice quizzes, and then I would use flash cards and the outlines to review.

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