GB Labs - Storj Partner Testimonials

August 24, 2023

Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, is powered by Storj’s distributed cloud object storage platform, adding a deeper level of intelligence and workflow agility to GB Labs’ Unify Hub data management solution

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Scott, Sr Presales Engineer, GB Labs

Matt Scott: My name is Matt Scott. I'm a senior pre sales engineer for GB Labs. We're a company focused on storage and playback for video and audio editing. So mostly large media files being shared collaboratively with a team of creative professionals. We as a company are excited about our partnership with Storj because we were able to leverage their cloud technology as a basis for our cloud offering, Nebula. Thanks to the great team in Storj. We've been able to integrate our one path and block level acceleration technologies from our hybrid solution unify hub into Nebula. This partnership enables our customers to securely store their media files in an elastic cloud with 11 nines of reliability and multiple access acceleration technologies that get end users working with their full resolution files quickly and seamlessly. And that speed improves relative to our competition. The farther the geographic distance gets between where the file is uploaded and where the end users need it to be.

What do you like most about Storj and what led you to choose Storj?

Matt Scott: We at GB labs chose to partner with Storj because we were extremely impressed with their innovative technology, the people running it and they're very innovative and unique take on what cloud storage can be and have created it to be.

What are your top use cases for cloud storage?

Matt Scott: There are quite a few use cases for Storj with our imprint Nebula. The obvious ones are going to be for local storage with editors who are in and out of the office in a hybrid solution being elastic storage. That means that no company that's using Storj and Nebula is going to run out of space at any time, which is absolutely wonderful, but it's also fantastic in many other use cases as well. DR for example, but also for companies that are shooting on a global scale, it's not uncommon to have a production taking place on one continent, editorial, taking place on a second continent and visual effects, taking place on one or more continents beyond that. So the fact that Nebula can tie all of these diverse locations together into one seamless work flow with one seamless mount point makes it a very powerful tool that any company that's looking to expand overseas can leverage today and at an affordable price.

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