Learning to swim with State Swim: Jasmine's family's story

September 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jasmine

What do you and your swimmers like most about State Swim's school holiday programs?

Jasmine : We've been swimming with State Swim for the last four years and started with one child. And now we have three kids with State Swim So they absolutely love going to swimming each week. And with each, um, teacher that we go to, they love the teachers. They are very patient there, right, gentle and most of all, they have fun in each swimming class.

What skills did your children develop by attending our school holiday programs?

Jasmine : With the holiday program because they're swimming everyday, it teaches them discipline mostly, and also perseverance over the whole of five days swimming. So at the end of it, they come out, you know, feeling accomplished that they got a Merit Cert and their swimming skills have improved.

What would you say to other parents considering State Swim's school holiday programs?

Jasmine : Do it! Why wait?

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