Brian Beal, Director Risk Assurance, SSF

August 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mr.Brian Beal, Director, Risk Assurance Services

How is your audit experience with Sprinto?

Mr.Brian Beal: Okay, Working with Sprinto has been a very pleasant experience for myself and the team. I've been performing SOC audits for about 10 years and generally, the most time consuming and difficult part of the audit is the readiness phase, and Sprinto has taken the pain out of that step for our firm by a wide margin. Additionally, the entire team is professional, highly responsive and very easy to work with. It's been an enjoyable time working with them.

How would you describe the benefits of Sprinto to a potential customer of Sprinto?

Mr.Brian Beal: Right. Most SOC2 readiness platforms in my experience are primarily software companies. They end where the audit begins. Working with Sprinto is different than most and that they function as a concierge to their clients, and they provide true audit readiness consulting. In addition to their software platform service. Where other platforms are generally a checklist for readiness, Sprinto has really immersed themselves into the SOC reporting requirements, so that they understand the needs of the auditor as well as the client, and they can provide appropriate help to their customers as they prepare them for the audit phase.

Please describe the efficiencies you’ve gained by using Sprinto for your audits.

Mr.Brian Beal: Sprinto team does a very good job of preparing the client for our audit procedures because they understand the AICPA requirements so well. They ensure we get the appropriate evidence to support their client controls even provide a fully written system description that is typically accepted by the audit team as complete on the first draft, which is rare. This saves our team a lot of time in the coming back and forth between clients and auditor. the audit platform of Sprinto saves our team approximately 30-40% of the time, compared to a traditional engagement. And as a result, we're able to offer clients around a 40% reduction in costs.

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