November 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Shawn Schultz: I just went through the most painless audit process of my career and it took two weeks and an hour a day and that was it and we're fully SOC2 compliant kind of thing. In fact, I didn't even have to talk to my auditors. A lot of companies would give you this portal and then throw you into the deep end. Although your portal is really self explanatory in a lot of ways. But this white-glove service of everyday meeting with this awesome team. And walking us through it is just a great experience. And there were very few of these meetings that took a whole hour which was surprising to me .When we started this process, I thought wow my next two weeks is going to be hell. You know it's gonna be I'm gonna be doing so much work and it wasn't that way at all. It wasn't a lot of work. I only spent probably, I would say on average an hour a a day, maybe two hours a day through the last two weeks. That's about it.

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