Murali, Co-Founder @ trywingman.com

September 21, 2021

Wingman achieves SOC2 with Sprinto. Sprinto is 10X faster and saves hundreds of hours of CTO time every year.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Murali, Co-Founder @ trywingman.com

How was your overall experience with Sprinto?

Murali: Our overall experience with the Sprinto was pretty amazing. We started with very clear, motivation on our end about why we wanted to do SOC 2, and then we approached the Sprinto team, and they were super helpful in setting up expectations. They gave us a great idea of how much time we need to set aside. They answered all of our questions beforehand. And then we were able to then, you know organizationally set aside time to prepare for our audit, um, you know, and, and spirito managed that very well. Overall experience is definitely five on five.

What's the best thing about Sprinto that makes it stand out?

Murali: A couple of things really stand out about the experience with Sprinto. The first thing is they managed the audit prep for you over the course of two weeks. So you have almost daily calls over the course of two weeks and then you have some homework after it. And in those two weeks they get you ready for the SOC 2 audit. It's a well defined time bound thing. I'm confident most companies will be able to do it within that time frame. So that's pretty amazing. Um And the second thing is after that's done except for an intro call and then signing the paperwork and making payments. We never interacted with the auditor. That's really amazing. That's not what we were expecting. We don't have to spend time even interacting with the auditors after the Audit prep but it was entirely handled by the sprinto team. and so our entire effort was time bound into two weeks.

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