August 24, 2021

Video Transcript

How was your overall experience with Sprinto ?

It was very smooth actually. I have to say that you guys did all the heavy lifting, at least from my standpoint, I think that you delivered on the Sprinto promise, the promise that you made when we first signed up. I understand that we were early beta users of yours or beta customers, but the whole process, at least I learned a lot about SOC2 from working with you and now it's clearer in my mind, you know, what is it that we really signed up for and how the organization should treat this going forward and and now, yeah, I'm also starting to like, think about, okay, you know, do we, do we expand beyond security? Do we think about availability and other things? But yeah, overall, yeah, very pleased. And, and really thrilled that we we got that done on the timeline that we had in mind, honestly.

What was the best thing about Sprinto that makes it stand out ?

I honestly don't know what you could like guys could have done better, right? Because you took complete ownership. You created all those templates of that we needed for all those policies and everything. You required a bunch of , I guess documents and , excel files that we have to give you, which, you know, you run the project for us. Like you said, okay, this has to be done. This has to be done and Shashank do this, Ravi you do this. You jumped on calls literally every day. So from my perspective, you, I think you guys were perfect, right? You run it like you were doing SOC2 for yourself, that took a lot of burden of me because I didn't have to worry about it at all. And I knew that I was, I was in good hands because you guys took complete ownership of it. Me to be really focused on other things where I felt that, you know, I didn't have to kind of get distracted by some of these nitty-gritties So, from a project stand point when I think you run it really well, you clearly explained the process and you clearly communicated your expectations and timelines you held us accountable, you know, saying, hey, you're supposed to do this by this day, Shashank this by this day and so on. So that really, really helped us. I think keeping us on that timeline was very helpful in actually meeting our goals right from a deadline standpoint

How would you describe Sprinto ?

Sprinto as a SAAS tool, or SAAS platform, allows a company to manage their entire process in the in the most, seamless and I guess automated fashion possible. There was a lot of value to the project plan and clearly saying, do this by, do this by this day and that day and giving us that, like literally, here's the here's the plan. Just do this and then you achieve it.

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