EverStage MrSiva

August 20, 2021

Video Transcript

How was your overall experience with Sprinto ?

I never once during the journey felt that a question of whether is Sprinto the right partner for us or not, right? So there was never that feeling. It was always a feeling of comfort that you know what the journey is or the process seems to be in the right hands. and we should be getting through you know, the time that you know, we are looking to get SOC2 compliant at least Type-I, Right? So I think there was the entire process was smooth from my perspective because obviously I was second order seeing this, but I never felt once that this might be is it in the right hands? Should we even be worried about the process? Because everything was seamless, and also Vivek was, giving me feedback about the conversations that he was having with you and the team So, was the process is very smooth, at least from my perspective,

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