Clockwork Customer Testimonial

August 10, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica

How was your overall experience with Sprinto?

Sprinto Working with Sprinto was a breeze And their product has been built with the multiple stakeholders ease of use front of mind. It is comprehensive and its breath that makes it easy for leaders and team members to execute their tasks. This allowed us to achieve SOC2 compliance more quickly, while also resting assured that we were addressing each and every one of the tenants of SOC2

What's the best thing about Sprinto, that makes it Stand out?

What's the best thing about Sprinto that makes it stand out ? When doing research for a SOC2 compliance tracking product I found that there wasn't much differentiation in the market until I found Sprinto. the ability to easily digest all the different requirements for each of the different stakeholders was well laid out in the product. It made it easy to engage non technical stakeholders across the organization and confirmed that all tasks have been completed by all team members. In addition to their product, their on boarding team, made sure that we stayed on track. And for these reasons, we were able to get to audit far more quickly.

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