John Klinck for SPHERE Series B Feedback

November 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Klinck, SVP World Wide Sales, SPHERE

Congratulate SPHERE on their Series B Funding announcement!

John Klinck: Congratulations to our Fearless Leader Rita Gurevich and to all my fellow SPHEREians, we concluded our series B round of investment. So excited about what this brings to the table for us as an organization. Already working with a great company like ForgePoint Capital has made a massive change in how we deliver business, bringing in Edison Partners now into the fold. I'm super excited to receive their guidance and see where we can take this. We're looking forward to taking this investment to deliver more value out to the customer base and give us more reach out to the customer base across the globe. So really excited. This is a huge pivot point for us a huge day. So congratulations everyone, enjoy it and let's go out there and deliver more value to the customer base. Thank you.

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