Simon Montgomery Video Testimonial for Spector

October 08, 2023

Spector IT Support & Cyber Security Video Testimonial from IDPAL

Video Transcript

Speaker: Simon Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer, ID-Pal Limited

Introduce yourself, your company and what you do.

Simon Montgomery: Hi, my name is Simon Montgomery and I'm the COO of IDPal Ireland's premier identity verification company.

What was the primary challenge that you were hoping to address by working with Spector?

Simon Montgomery: When we started working with Spector, we were looking to work with a partner that would make an effort to understand our business, to understand our requirements and the sector that we in Working in fintech, it can be difficult to keep up with the trends. But also cyber security and information security obviously are very, very important part of our business. And having our ISO 27001 certification would go hand in hand with that and Spector having their own ISO27001 certification meant that they would understand exactly what was required of us. And which made it much easier from the perspective of any changes that we would need to make internally within the business, whether it be the implementation of new security policies around Intune, or just generally understanding the requirements of our team members.

How did Spector help you overcome that challenge?

Simon Montgomery: Very simply. Spector took the time to try and understand our business. They helped us understand where technology was moving to and they helped us understand some of the aspects that would be important in the next levels of certifications, the things we might want to consider and also technologies that we could use to make it much easier for ourselves in the management of our certifications, our cyber security or information security. And then also our device management across the organization.

How would you describe your experience of working with Spector?

Simon Montgomery: How would I describe my experience of working with Spector? It's been very positive. I would recommend them to anybody else that's looking to work with an outsourced IT provider. Working with Mark and the team has always been straightforward without any real challenges. It also helps as they keep repeating that they understand what we do. They understand what's important to us and they put our needs, um, almost ahead of theirs at us at points. I, I've really enjoyed the relationship we've had with them so far and look forward to working with them in the future.

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