Spector - Video testimonial with EIDA Solutions

July 17, 2023

Spector IT Support and Cyber Security Video Testimonial with Ramy Michael CTO EIDA Solutions

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ramy Michael, CTO, EIDA Solutions

What is you name, role and company name?

Ramy Michael: Ramy Michael, CTO of EIDA solutions.

What challenges were you trying to address before you started with Spector?

Ramy Michael: Productivity and efficiency. They were the primary challenges that we wanted to, to overcome and also reducing our business risk.

How did Spector help you address those challenges?

Ramy Michael: Mentoring and guidance from Spector has helped us overcome the challenges. We've been with Spector now for, for 12 months, we're happy with the progress we've made and we do realize there's more involvement and collaboration between both EIDA and Spector to continuously improve. But they have been there for us and continue to, to help us to get better.

Can you describe your experience of working with Spector.

Ramy Michael: Experience has, has been quite good, quite positive. They've understood where we've come from and understand what we need to achieve helping us to achieve that the support has been, has been pretty good. And they're always engaging kind of new processes and new ideas to, to try and roll out to, to continuously improve, as I've mentioned.

From the Spector team, we would like to thank both Ramy and EIDA Solutions for their continued business and support.

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