Órla Kearney Video Testimonial for Spector

October 08, 2023

IT Support, Project Management

Video Transcript

Speaker: Órla Kearney, Finance Director, Aerlytix

Introduce yourself, your company and what you do.

Órla Kearney: Hi, my name is Orla Kearney and I'm the Finance Director with Aerlytix. Aerlytix is a technology solutions company in the aviation industry.

What was the primary challenge that you were hoping to address by working with Spector?

Órla Kearney: So in terms of the primary challenge that we were hoping to address by working with Spector is a small company in a very exciting growth phase. And initially, it was part of a larger group which had its own in house IT function. But when we were spun out in early 2022 and became a standalone small company, we needed to um resolve our IT situation. And our primary focus is on serving our existing customers and growing our market share. We don't have the resources to have an internal IT function. And therefore we were very happy to work with Spector on the basis of a a strong word of mouth recommendation.

How did Spector help you overcome that challenge?

Órla Kearney: We have worked with Spector since April 2022. They initially set up and managed our IT infrastructure. During that time, we've moved offices twice in April 2022 and again in June 2023 and Spector managed the entire infrastructure build and project managed the move. Firstly to a temporary office and secondly to our permanent home and they delivered a precise plan for the move and the build. They delivered on time and in a cost effective fashion, we were totally operational within minutes of moving into our new building and we were really happy with the job that they did there and they obviously also manage our day to day. IT needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

How would you describe your experience of working with Spector?

Órla Kearney: If I had described my experience of working with Spector, I would say that it has been extremely positive to date and Spector are both proactive in terms of anticipating our needs and they are equally reactive to any issues that may arise. I've referred previously to the two office moves that we've had that they handle so efficiently and without incident and they're utterly dependable and the ongoing IT support that they provide to us on a day-to-day basis is professional and efficient and we're very happy to work with them.

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