Mark Hurley for Professional Services Testimonial Videos

May 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Hurley, CEO, Spector

Introduce yourself, your company and what you do.

Mark Hurley: Hi, I am Mark Hurley. I am the CEO of specter. We're an outsourced I T services company based in Dublin Ireland and serving SME clients across Ireland and the UK.

What is the primary challenge that you were hoping to solve when you starting working with Spector?

Mark Hurley: The primary challenge that we were hoping to address by engaging specter was to remove all the hassles and the noise of dealing with technology on a day to day basis. We were having issues with just simple day to day stuff. But moreover, we didn't really have an overarching strategy or plan to help us align our business objectives with uh with what we were doing with technology and it was costing our business.

How did Spector help you overcome that challenge?

Mark Hurley: Specter helped us overcome our I T challenges. First of all, they came in and sat down with us, listened to what we had to say, um identified the outcomes that we wanted from managing technology and what we needed to do with that technology. They also helped us understand cyber security risk and areas in which we previously we were blind and gave us a very clear roadmap and plan and budget to help us achieve those goals.

How would you describe your experience of working with Spector?

Mark Hurley: Working with has been really good for our company I T issues are at a minimum, but when we need them and when we pick up the phone, they're always there. If we have a problem that they, if we have something like an old or we have questions that we can't answer from a technology perspective. There's always somebody there to help us and the service is great.

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