hellen Kang-Griffith for Alumni Testimonials

February 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: hellen Kang-Griffith, South East Technological University

Please introduce yourself (Where are you coming from? Name of programs at SETU, your graduate year, and your current life...)

hellen Kang-Griffith: Hello. My name is Helen Congres fifth, I'm originally from China. I studied and MBS internationalisation back to 2001 and I graduated in 2002. And at the moment I'm working and living in world for the city southeast of the island. I'm working in the and Southeast Technological University.

What is one of the most valuable things that you took from your education at SETU, Ireland?

hellen Kang-Griffith: the most valuable thing that I took from my education at S E T Island is being open minded and and look at outside of the box and talk to different people and not just a study study from the textbook and be practical, and that is very important.

What one piece of advice do you have for students who want to study at SETU, Ireland?

hellen Kang-Griffith: Yeah, And one piece of advice I have for students who want to study at Stu Island is we are prepared and do some of your research, and, uh, it's a great opportunity for you for your future.

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