Evolve Trust - Dawn Pare

May 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dawn Pare, Community Engagement and Marketing Lead, The Evolve Trust

Why did you decide to use soccialy?

Dawn Pare: Here at Evolve (Trust) We wanted to run successful social media recruitment campaigns. From the first introduction with socially, you've got a good feel of how the team worked. Very professional, supportive, and would go over and above to be successful.

What benefits have you found by using soccialy?

Dawn Pare: We received invaluable support from professional and knowledgeable experts. They interpreted our requirements effectively and ensured our requirements were met. Gareth and his team are great to work with. They do what they say in the time agreed.

What impact has using soccialy had on attracting the quality and quantity of candidates?

Dawn Pare: Working with socially helped us to recruit in a more dynamic, hard-hitting and targeted way. Our number of views on campaigns increased, and we saw a definite increase in the number of applicants which were better suited for the roles on offer. I think our partnership with socially really set us apart from other local schools, and also gave a very positive experience to our brand.

What are the advantages of using soccialy over a job board or recruitment agency?

Dawn Pare: I think the technology that socially uses sets them apart. The dashboards which are generated a very informative, giving your data on each job advert including performance for each and split by different categories. This allows you to make changes during the campaign as you can see what is working and what isn't.

Would you recommend soccialy to any other school and why?

Dawn Pare: I definitely would recommend socially. Any school wanting to improve their recruitment via social media campaigns would benefit from their expertise. I think socially provide a different way to recruit which doesn't have to cost schools a massive part of their budget.

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