Fran Buchmann-Dinis for Customer Stories

September 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fran Buchmann-Dinis

What were your concerns when planning your home improvement?

Fran Buchmann-Dinis : we had quite a few concerns at the beginning of the project. Uh, the first concern was obviously cost, um, and budget related. Um, how long was the project going to cost us? Uh, we were obviously aware that there was a rise in the cost of materials, Uh, even shortages. So we didn't know how that was going to directly impact us. So the second concern that we had was about the length. How long was it going to take to build this loft conversion? Uh, the roof off, uh, exposed to the UK weather, Uh, which can be a little bit unpredictable. And then, thirdly, the concern that we had was to do with our neighbours. So we semi detached. And although we had explained to him what we were going to do, uh, we hadn't showed him the plan because it's permitted development and he needed to sign. The party will agreement, and we didn't know if he was going to do that or not. So those were our three main concerns

How have you found working with ShapeHouse?

Fran Buchmann-Dinis : we actually found working with shape House quite easy. Um, from the beginning, that put us at ease. They answered the questions. We obviously explained what we wanted to do and achieve. And we met the team as well, which was quite nice to see them in person. And, uh, along the way, Whenever we had questions and concerns, they answered in a very professional manner and put us at ease, um, to go through smoothly along the process, and that was really good.

How do you feel about the quality of the workmanship?

Fran Buchmann-Dinis : so the quality of the workmanship is actually quite impressive. Um, I did have my doubts at the beginning, Um, because obviously, I didn't know them, and I didn't quite know what they were capable of, but, um, it's really nicely done. Um, okay, the project is not finished, but we're a little bit, uh, on the halfway. Uh, and the work that has been done so far has been really, really good. They've taken care of the property that we already have. They they they did a really good job, and we're really actually really impressed with what's been done so far.

Would you recommend working with ShapeHouse to a friend or family member?

Fran Buchmann-Dinis : Yes, I would not hesitate to recommend shape House. Um, we've been, um, re in good hands, Especially with Olivia being in the office. She answered really promptly and professionally. All the questions, concerns and and little issues that we had, Um, and that's that's been a great help. We've also been really impressed with the team that has been working in the house. Uh um, they've been, um they've been really, really professional. Careful with the property respect for, uh and so, yes, I would not hesitate to recommend working with shape House.

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