Lizi McCallum's Customer Review

December 11, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lizi McCallum

Please introduce yourself and describe your home renovation project

Lizi McCallum: Hello, My name's Liz and I live in Walton on Thames In January 2020 ShapeHouse undertook a large project for me. Taking the back off my house, along with an old conservatory that was hanging on the back of the house as well. and created a large single story extension incorporating a new kitchen, dining area, extending my sitting room and putting wood flooring throughout the whole of the ground floor.

Overall, how was your experience of working with ShapeHouse?

Lizi McCallum: The experience of working with ShapeHouse was fantastic. They arrived when they said they would arrive They worked hard the whole time. They finished the project on time. Despite locked down, and were consistent with their support, particularly from head office, if I ever needed them.

How do you feel about the quality of the workmanship?

Lizi McCallum: The work was finished to a very high standard. And I'm really pleased with the final finish. There were some minor snagging issues which ShapeHouse came to look at and agreed and got on and did, within a matter of days Overall, I can say that the whole finish is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

How did the payment terms work for you?

Lizi McCallum: The payment terms arrangement was excellent for me and that I was able to monitor the costs every week and see that we were continuing to fall within budget. I was also able to ask about various contractors have been on site and overall, the project management and the work undertaken was excellent value for money and we came in under budget.

Describe your ShapeHouse experience in 3 words

Lizi McCallum: Three words that describe my experience with ShapeHouse Excellent, Professional and very successful and another three, value for money. Thank you very much.

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