Johannes Stepanek Testimonials

June 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johannes Stepanek

What made you choose ShapeHouse for your home renovation?

Johannes Stepanek: We chose ShapeHouse for the extension and renovation of our Victorian terrace because, their value for money seemed really good. There was a great communication right from the start, before we even got a quote from them. And the quote itself was very thorough, transparent. And yes, overall had a very good, positive feeling right from the start.

How have you found working with ShapeHouse?

Johannes Stepanek: We are about just over a month into our building project, and so far I can only say ShapeHouse have been amazing, especially Graham and Dougie and their team, who have done the majority of the work so far. There is a lots of respect for my wife, being at home during the build, very tidy, great communication, friendly and everybody's responding to any questions or queries very quickly, so overall, a great experience so far!

Would you recommend working with ShapeHouse to a friend or family member?

Johannes Stepanek: Being about halfway through our project, yes, I would recommend ShapeHouse to family and friends. Definitely would also look into as we have used them for build only and project managing. That I would also probably next time look into maybe letting ShapeHouse to be part of the design process as well.

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