Jack Clarke Testimonial

June 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jack Clarke

What made you choose ShapeHouse for your home renovation?

Jack Clarke: Once we receive planning for our extension, we set about the process of looking for a partner to undertake the works. We met with a number of builders and many of them came across well. But when we met with ShapeHouse, it was clear to us and the first conversation with Gez that they would partner of choice, they came across very professional, engaged in the work, engaged in the project, made a few recommendations, and also we spoke to Gez about the type of team that he'd like to put on our project because of our special circumstances of us wanting to stay in the property. And also the fact that we've got young daughters who we wanted to ensure that the team would be considerate of those elements and keep the works safe and tidy, especially at weekends.

How have you found working with ShapeHouse?

Jack Clarke: We're halfway through our build and work in the ShapeHouse has been great so far. The father and son site team of Neil and Neil have been brilliant. We really love them, love having them working on our site. They are professional works they've completed today have been top quality and that is so friendly towards us and it is lovely to have a chat with him as well. Behind the scenes, Zak and Leigh have been great at resolving any minor kind of issues and very responsive. Everything's kind of been open communication. We haven't felt that they've been hiding anything from us, constant engagement with the WhatsApp Group and all together at this moment in time, very, very happy!

Would you recommend working with ShapeHouse to a friend or family member?

Jack Clarke: Yeah, I would definitely recommend ShapeHouse to friends and family members. For us, it's been a great experience to date and hopefully will continue until the end we look forward to in the final product and, we're very, very confident that it will be great and look forward to, living in our completed house at the end.

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