Francesca Yoon's Review

February 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Francesca Yoon

Please introduce yourself and describe your home renovation project

Francesca Yoon: Hello. My name is Francesca. In 2019, we bought a three bed and terraced house in Twickenham It needed everything doing to it. It had been lived in for 60 years and untouched by the same occupier. We needed to reconfigure the space inside. We needed an extension out the back. We needed a loft conversion done. We asked Gerard and his team to come and do the work for us.

Overall, how was your experience of working with ShapeHouse?

Francesca Yoon: From the very beginning of working with ShapeHouse and Gerard. It was a good experience. The first meeting we had with Gerard was an hour long, during which Gerard listened to what we wanted to do with the property instead of what we've experienced previously with builders, where they tell you what they want to do with your property. So it was very refreshing. Also, as the project proceeded, we felt very much involved. We would have weekly meetings with Gerard where he would tell us what had happened or what progress had been made, where we were up to, what was going to happen in following week. It was a very good experience from beginning to end. As you get towards the end of the project, where there's more things that you can have a say in, where shelves might be built in, the team that were working on the project. We're very imaginative and made great use of all space that was available.

How do you feel about the quality of the workmanship?

Francesca Yoon: I'm very pleased with the quality of the work that's been done in the house. As I was very hands on and visiting property very regularly. I got to see the tradesmen doing their work and I could see how much pride they took in making sure they were doing a good job and that The finish was just right, And even though we were working to a budget, very tight budget. Gerard would always give us an option of You could go for this, which is the expensive high end, material. Or you can go for a middle material. You can go for the more budget end And even though we often went for more budget materials, the quality of the trades people doing the work makes it feel top end.

How did the payment terms work for you?

Francesca Yoon: The payment terms were fine for us. We arranged with Gerard that we would pay on a weekly basis as the week as the work was completed so that we could see what we were actually paying for

Describe your ShapeHouse experience in 3 words

Francesca Yoon: It's really hard to choose just three words, but if I had to, it would be that they are dynamic in their approach to your project. Are extremely dedicated to your project being a success and, they provide outstanding quality work. So dynamic, dedicated, outstanding.

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