Anne-Marie Taylor's Customer Review

December 09, 2020

Video Transcript


Please introduce yourself and describe your home renovation project

ANNE-MARIE TAYLOR: Hi. I'm Anne Marie Taylor. We used ShapeHouse over the summer to help us redesign, and re-do our garden. Previously, it was a really unloved, neglected space that we never really spent any time in. ShapeHouse were really great, really friendly, really professional. They worked with us to come up with the design on, then adapt that design according to our budget and to our needs. And we're so happy and thrilled with the result. Can't wait for the spring to be able To be able get a little bit more into the raised beds and just really learn how to actually use our garden for the first time. Thank you.

Overall, how was your experience of working with ShapeHouse?

ANNE-MARIE TAYLOR: Overall our experience of working with ShapeHouse is really really good. We had quite a long sort of build up To any work starting because originally we were looking to you have worked on on our bathroom then because of Covid we put that on pause for quite a while and then we decided to go ahead with the garden. They were really friendly everybody that I spoke to you from people on the admin side. Too people in, you know, in charge of the works themselves and then the people that came and actually, you know, did all the work in the garden. It was really, really professional.

How do you feel about the quality of the workmanship?

ANNE-MARIE TAYLOR: The quality of the workmanship was just, I think I can't really find any fault at all. We had quite a large area to be decked and It was done with a lot of care. A lot of attention incidentally one of the weeks of the works was the hottest week this year and You know, they were working away and really quite unpleasant temperatures and then the week that the work was finishing, the last day of the job was absolutely torrential, horrible rain and, you know working away without a complaint. Obviously, I think, you know, they just really wanted to make sure that we were happy with the work constantly. You know, obviously calling us to check on it was, you know, it was a pleasure, really. Watching people actually really take a pride in their work.

How did the payment terms work for you?

ANNE-MARIE TAYLOR: Payment terms were really fair. It was really easy to pay, obviously by bank transfer. I felt that certainly under terms of working with us, on our budget, on never any point felt pressured or sort of steered towards maybe going for a more expensive design or more expensive materials. There was a realistic approach to what would work for us, and, you know, it was really easy and straightforward.

Describe your ShapeHouse experience in 3 words

ANNE-MARIE TAYLOR: in three words. Experience of using and working with ShapeHouse. I would say straightforward. I would say flexible and I would say a pleasure.

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