Lisa Hastman Lean Body System Testimonial.

July 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Hastman , Landmark, Manitoba

What struggles were you dealing with before starting the LBS?

Lisa Hastman : So some of the struggles I was dealing with when I was looking for product was when I turned, 40 I'm 41 now. All of a sudden my body changed, right? I had a hormonal muffin top. I noticed like loose saggy skin, my energy levels were low. I just felt gross. I had a wedding to go to, I put myself in a dress and it didn't fit like it was awful. I hated it. I definitely noticed a difference and putting on that bathing suit too. I was wearing looser clothes that summer. I just noticed my body changed, it's all hormones, right? Once you hit a certain age and I've always been a set weight and I don't work out a lot. I have a very busy job, so I get a lot of steps in. I do take care of myself and like I said, I just noticed a lot of changes and I wasn't happy with them.

Lisa Hastman : You know, when you sit down and you're just like, what is that? Right? And then you kind of look at your body and you're like, that doesn't look great. But so that's why I, some of my struggles I had, I really wanted to find a simple system, not a diet. I don't like diets. I don't believe in scales. I wanted a simple system that I can implement into my everyday. I have a very busy life. I work in health care. I'm a Mom of two teens. I run my online business, so I really, I don't want to restrict myself, right? I love food, I love wine, but I also want to be healthy.

How long were you dealing with these struggles?

Lisa Hastman : So I have been dealing with my struggles for almost two years. Turning 40 the hormone fairy, as I like to call her, decided to bless my life and give me the hormonal muffin top, not saggy, saggy skin, but you just notice your body changes, right? Like, you know, you've got like this back fat going on and under your arms, like unless you're working out all the time, right, you just notice these changes and even when you do work out. So I struggled for at least two years and I'm in healthcare, so I just hid in my scrubs. I wear scrubs so I was able to hide in that. And then finally I just, I had enough. I wanted to buy the clothes, I wanted to feel good.

How has the LBS helped with your previous struggles? Where are you now?

Lisa Hastman : So I took the Lean Body System for four months consistent, I was dead consistent on it. It was such a simple system to implement into my everyday. I took my Trim in the morning, I took my Burn pills in the morning and I did my Cleanse before bed.

Lisa Hastman : I started noticing my hormonal muffin top is gone, it's gone so awesome. Um I noticed my skin becoming tighter, more vibrant, glowing. Like I said, beauty from the inside out energy. I started having more energy, started feeling good because I was taking the cleanse. It was cleansing me out naturally.

Lisa Hastman : I started noticing a lot of changes. I started feeling comfortable again. I started not living in my scrubs, you know, buying clothes again and feeling confident and just, I really like where I'm at now.

Lisa Hastman : I have a system in place that allows me to feel comfortable in my skin again.

What's your favourite flavour of Trim?

Lisa Hastman : So my favorite flavor of tTrim is chocolate. It is my go to, it reminds me of a snack pack. You know, your mom used to pack those in your lunchboxes for school. That's what it reminds me of. I absolutely love the chocolate tastes like dessert on a spoon. Recently I experimented and I put it in my morning coffee for a chocolate mocha coffee first thing in the morning and it is to die for. So that's my go to, um, I've tried lemon, which is great, but hands down chocolate is my absolute favorite of Trim.

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